The purpose of the Dugunagadi Nepal Foundation is to support the people in the region Dugunagadi after the earthquakes of 2015. The reconstruction is slowly making progress because it’s difficult as the soil on which villages as Yarmasing are build, is not solid. Of course we are not the only ones who are helping in this region. Fortunately others do that too! We want to help with (re)building schools and other services or we can support in other ways: in economic, social or educational fields. It’s important that the rebuilding also offers a chance to a better life for people in this region.

For us it’s important to have a good view on what is needed there. In the first place because we really want the Nepalese people to gain the benefits of our help. And of course we also want to be sure that the donations we have received will reach their goals. To achieve this is easier said than done. The situation and culture in Nepal is very different from ours and the situation in the region is changing all the time. Therefore we work together with the organisation All Angels Nepal (www.allangelsnepal.orgto have a good view and to receive background information. They are familiar with the country and they are doing a lot of good works in the poorest regions of Nepal.